17 w - Translate

New update on app has been done let me know if there is any glitches!

17 w - Translate

[Added] audio player for mp3 files.
[Added] yandex API for maps.
[Added] yandex payment method.
[Added] iyzipay payment method.
[Added] securionpay payment method.
[Added] authorize.Net payment method.
[Added] ok.ru social login.
[Added] new APIs in developers page: get_pages, get_groups, get_products, get_followers, get_following, get_friends
[Added] mobile apps links in welcome page and sidebar, managed from admin panel -> website information.
[Updated] design in few sections.
[Updated] documentation & FAQs
[Fixed] price not showing in products.
[Fixed] links not working on profile page.
[Fixed] ajax load in few pages.
[Fixed] broken images when importing a link.
[Fixed] add as familly system.
[Fixed] XSS vulnerability.
[Fixed] 10+ more minor bugs.
[Fixed] bugs in API.

18 w - Translate

Working on App it might go down, the web Inubook will still be active

28 w - Translate

New update
[Fixed] enhanced dark mode
[Fixed] edit / add categories from admin panel.
[Fixed] paystack payment system.
[Fixed] create announcements system.
[Fixed] Prep for app development
[Fixed] social login system, INUBOOK.
[Fixed] "You may also like" in product page was showing user avatar instead of item picture.
[Fixed] you can see only last story if you have multiple stories.
[Fixed] slow youtube video player.
[Improved] speed.
[Updated] Documentation

29 w - Translate

New update is coming 50 bug fixes, speed and integration


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