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Judging from what I've seen, most people don't use doge as a currency but as an investment and there's nothing wrong with that but the more uses doge has the better and just giving people the option to use doge in exchange for goods and services works to the benefit of the currency. That's one of the reasons why I'm offering some tutoring in Japanese for the low price of 10D.

My tutoring credentials;

I've been studying languages for over 13 years; my journey started with English, then Dutch, then French, then German, then Italian and ultimately Japanese.. The reason why I've studied so many languages is because I wanted to understand how to become a beginner in a language. The reasoning behind that being that after you become a beginner it's easier for you to keep on studying on your own and build a greater vocabulary but this only becomes possible after you have a small vocabulary and a basic understanding of the language otherwise you wouldn't even be able to tell the sounds apart and it wouldn't be easy to incorporate new words into your nonexistent vocabulary.

If you're interested in learning Japanese make a comment on this post or send me a message.


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